March 17, 2010

And I dance dance dance

Weekly contest for the club I'm in. This week's topic:
I love my cat. Well she's technically not my cat she's my
neighbor's cat (they named her Rusty I just call her Kitty)
but I've been taking care of her since she was a kitten and she hangs out
at my house more often than her own. The other day my dad said he
thought the cat had gotten under his car as he drove off to work
because he heard some strange scratching noises coming from
inside the car. Panicked I ran outside to see if she was around and
I saw her sitting across the street and I ran to her in relief,
scooped her up in my arms and cried for a good 5 minutes.
I was so happy she was alright and she looked up at me
as if she were saying "why are you crying? Don't cry".
I love that cat, seriously.

Oh yeah and I strongly support adopting pets from a shelter.
If you're looking for a furry little companion to add to your home,
shelter pets can be just as good as the pets you get from personal
breeders and pet shops. Take it from me, someone who knows.

My rescued shelter cat, Tom Tom <3


Paul Cohen said...

awww nice artwork Elsa!

Rocky O said...

Awwww I remember that kitty; She's so sweet and tiny and frail! X3

And what a lovely illustration, too! <3 I love your colors!!!!


I've nominated you to receive the Sunshine Award! You can check out my blog for more details and to receive your award.

Yasemin Baran said...

zoommmmgg!! this is extremely cuutee!! :D love the cats! X3

Tom Scholes said...

Your cat has a good name <3

Desiree Cassidy said...

Yey!!! I adopted my cat too - shes so sweet and has a gibbled walk so she is extra special!
Great lil Illo and post!