June 22, 2010

Geese & Gator

Another piece for a weekly club contest.
This week's special guest was David Colman who
is my idol when it comes to animal design.
He shared a lot of advice with us and some of them
really hit home especially since i've been feeling
a little discouraged lately.
"Honor your practice, respect the process.
It doesn't happen overnight."

So yeah this week's prompt was:
Follow the Leader

I drew mother goose with her newly hatched
babies. One of them so happens to be a baby gator.
He follows mother goose and the goslings around
as if they were his family.


Aaron said...

I'm no David Colman, but these animals are lookin mighty good to me. Keep plugin away at it Elsa your work gets better every time I see it! I wish my schedule at school allowed for me to go to the weekly club contest :( .

Gerwell said...

That's so cute and nicely done Elsa!
I would like to see some of the other partcipants entries, to compare them to yours, because yours always seem to be very original!

But HELL, sometimes I wish improvment
happened overnight haha!

Yasemin Baran said...

Ahahah! The crock has his first meal(s) made ready for him XD

Jade Sheldon said...

Wonderful piece of advice that I needed to hear today and this is such a joyful piece!

gaia said...

I love their expressions! How adorable!

Giuseppe Bianco said...

Funny, great style and I love the palette.