January 18, 2011

Senior Project Wicked Part 3

The Wizard's Cathedral Photoshop

The Wizard's Cathedral Sketches Pen

The Wizard's Air Balloon Photoshop

The Wizard's Air Balloon Sketches Marker and Pencil

Carriages Marker and Pencil

Trains Marker and Pencil


Aaron said...

So Great, especially the sils at the bottom. Fantastic work Elsa!

Paul Cohen said...

Great little studies!

Rona said...

You've done so much great work for your graduation! I like them all :D

Ruby Chen said...

i loveeeeee ittttttt!!!!!

Zar Galstian said...

This whole project is looking pretty amazing, congrats on graduating!

David Hohn said...

Came across your blog and wanted to say -- Splendid! Total treat for my morning web surfing.

Gary Locke said...

nice stuff Girl! very nice