November 24, 2011

Turkey Day Doodles

I'm horrible at updating my blogspot. I've been busy
with work so it's been taking up most of my time.
I can't wait to post what I've been working on when
I am allowed to :) I attended CTN again this year
and met so many wonderful talented artists.
I'm hoping to get a booth next year with a friend of mine
That'll be so exciting!

Here are a couple of gestures I did on the computer. It's
always great to warm up before drawing for work.

I would like to have better shape and silhouette like
how Alex Woo and Matt Jones draw gestures.
I'm still learning :)

On Thanksgiving I usually wake up too late to watch
the Macy's parade but I usually try to catch the
National Dog Show each year. I did a couple of
drawings of the breed as they appeared on screen
and my favorite out of the batch turned out to be
an Old English Sheepdog. They're so funny looking
with their fur in their face and adorably round head.



Josh Lee said...

That's great! Glad to see an update from you. I am also looking forward to seeing the work you've been doing at work... ugh, I hate sounding repetitive. Anyway Happy Thanksgiving!

Nate Villanueva said...

nice gestures! super appealing.

Jampix said...

Hi Elsa, very nice sketches, I just do not understand why you put yourself in the shadow of Matt Jones and Alex Woo, yes they are both talented artist and good at what they do, but you are an amazing artist too, I went through your blog and all your work is extremely strong.
Ofcourse we all still learn and will do so till the end of or days but you should not bow to anyone :) looking forward seeing your next post.

Morgan said...

Your work is very inspiring! I hope one day I can be as amazing as you!!