April 17, 2010

Girl in the Mask

A drawing I did for my mom as a birthday present.
It's a revision of a drawing I did 4 years ago that she
just absolutely adored for some reason. She's been bugging
me on and off for a print of it and even had me paint this girl
on a canvas tote bag that she carries around. So here's an updated one
with hair influenced by Brittney Lee. I'll refrain from posting
the original to spare you guys of 2nd hand embarrassment.
So Happy Birthday Mom!
Hope you enjoy this strange looking girl.


Aaron said...

shweet! Great shapes and color design Elsa.

Zaff said...

good stuff here

Rocky O said...

Woah, what an weird character! Had to find out what it was about.. such an interesting story!! :) I want to see what her face looks like underneath.. and what awesome boots <3