April 26, 2010


I watched DisneyNature's Ocean yesterday and it was
really amazing. I've been an ocean freak all my
life and I've been waiting for this film to come out
since last Earth Day. The ocean and the life that live in it
are so beautiful and delicate. There are a lot of problems
with it currently due to overfishing and pollution
but hopefully in the years to come we will see an improvement.

Here are two parts of the documentary that really
caught my eye with their color and movement.
A blue whale and a cast of krill and a couple
of fish under a fluther of moon jellies.
I tried my best to take a mental photographic image
while watching the film because I wanted to draw it
when I got home. Luckily it was still pretty fresh in my
mind so I was able to accomplish it with a couple
of google images for reference.


victoriaying said...

So charming! Your blog is really wonderful!

victoriaying said...
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Haylee said...

Love your stuff girl! Keep it up!

Scott Watanabe said...

Great Paintings

Elsa Chang said...

Thanks so much for the comments guys :)

Ken said...

lovely work here

Have you ever seen the BBC's series called "Planet Earth"? Literally mind blowing. Watch it HD in the dark if you can!

Rocky O said...

:o I almost got confused there.. I had to look back twice and realized that these WEREN'T screenshots, but something you made yourself! XD

Love the colors! That first one has such a great strong composition... I want to see them krills swimming about as the whale swims by... :*)

Just curious! Have you seen The Cove?

Elsa Chang said...

@Ken: No I haven't! I shall borrow it from my friend and watch it :)

@Rocky: Haha thank you. I haven't seen that either but I hear it's very sad. Those poor dolphins.

Jim said...

Beautiful. Feeling inspired. . . Perhaps I'll head over to El Capitan to check it out.

Gerwell said...

Whoaaa Elsa these two pics are so pretty!
I'm an ocean freak too, I can totally understand what you felt watching these. I like the blue whale pic the most, the colors are super nice!